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Porcellionoides pruinosus 'White Out' Isopods are an excellent choice for vivariums and make a great occasional snack for small animals. These guys have a softer body than some of the other species and a faster reproduction time. They are adaptable and can withstand lower humidity and higher temperature ranges, making them our go to recommendationfor any type of biome. They reproduce rapidly, which makes them ideal for beginners in the hobby. As their name suggests, they are white and represent the albino morph of P. pruinosus.

Porcellionides pruinosus "White Out"

Expected by the end of Fall
  • Our Porcellionoides cultures come in our own bioactive substrate in 8oz deli cups. We provide them with leaf litter and calcium to ensure their needs are met. Our cultures come in quantities of 12 and 24. These guys dont need much of a moisture gradient, but they still require a damp spot to succeed in molting and thermoregulation. We provide opposite corners of wet and dry sphagnum moss as well as proper ventilation to achieve this.

  • Guaranteed live arrival - 1 day shipping 


    If DOA - A new Culture will be sent out, providing you include photo evidence of the deceased.


    No Refunds or Returns


    Shipping can be provided to Canadian Residents only ! 


    Thanks for your understanding!

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