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Tropical Leaves

Custom Built Terrariums


Given a tank size and the requirements you request - I will make up a quote and provide the drainage layer,, substrate, micro fauna, plants, and decorations, and vines. Things with more complicated requests such as water features will need to be discussed prior to creating the build. From my forest to yours...

Specializing in unique custom backgrounds and handmade jungle vines, there is nothing I like to do more than create beautiful mini ecosystems with thriving living micro fauna. What a gift is it to share this hobby and what has been passed down to me I shall pass down to all of you. Whether you are trying to create a tropical, temperate, or desert biome, I am here to help! I charge depending on the build, size, and materials used as well as a minimum $50 charge for labor! Check out our Instagram to see some of the builds we have done! 

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