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Marcgravia also known as Shingle vine and Shingle plant is a member of the family Marcgraviaceae. It's a fast growing flowering vine native to the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America. Marcgravia is found in moist, humid conditions of the rainforest climbing high on trees. It's flat-leaved vines grab hold of tree trunks with aerial roots. Once it climbs high enough, Marcgravia sends out lateral branches and blooms with pendulous flower clusters which are pollinated by birds and bats.

Marcgravia loves humidity and therefore makes it a great plant for the humid environment of a container garden or terrarium. Being a fast growing vine, it will need to be pruned regularly to remain contained. This plant is not recommended as a houseplant in an open air pot.

Marcgravia is a great shingler plant - the leaves will overlap each other, and make for a spectacular display in the vivarium. Too small to support frogs, this plant makes a great feature or accent, especially when allowed to grow up the background or hardscape of a vivarium. Plant Marcgravia in the soil at the base of something it can climb up, provide it with moderate to high light, and watch it take off!

Marcgravia Cuttings

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