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Quick Stats:

Care Level: Easy

Light: Sun to Shade

Humidity: 50%-100%

Plant Size: Medium, Tolerates Pruning

Terrarium Size: Medium

Placement: In Soil


Introduction to Ficus villosa

Ficus villosa is still a bit uncommon in the hobby, but it’s tolerant nature, fuzzy leaves, and ability to climb make it fantastic for terrariums. If you’re looking for a less common ficus for your larger terrarium, this fella is worth a try!

Lighting, Watering, and Humidity Requirements:

Villosa is indifferent about lighting. It will tolerate any location in your terrarium as long as it’s getting at least some ambient light. It likes to have moist roots and doesn’t need a drying out period between waterings, but it does not like water on its leaves. It can be planted near a water feature, but be sure it isn’t getting splashed and no water is running over its leaves or it will rapidly deteriorate or shrink away. It will tolerate drops in humidity, but it needs to be kept above 40% at all times to thrive. High humidity is preferred, but it will spread into areas with lower humidity with gusto as it gets larger.

Terrarium Placement:

Place this climbing fig’s roots in your substrate, and position it in a location where it’s given ample room to grow and expand. It will climb onto and over anything placed in its way. It makes an excellent addition to any hardscaped background, wall covering, overhang, or basket. If elevated in a basket it will trail downward as it reaches for things to climb onto.

Maintenance and Seasonal Care:

This fig doesn’t need any additional seasonal care and will not flower. It’s leaves are unique though. They start out reddish-bronze and as they grow they turn green. They are also covered in tiny hairs that shimmer in the light! It tolerates pruning well and will allow removal of excessive growth without issue or any dying back. Removed tips can be replanted and will likely grow into new plants.

Cool Facts:

-If planted in a garden, it can happily get 8 feet tall!

-Leaves change color as it grows.

-Its native range includes India, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, just to list a few!

Ficus Villosa Rooted Cutting

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