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The Cubaris Sp. ‘Papaya’, a vibrant and distinctive isopod variety ideal for terrarium enthusiasts. Recommended enclosure sizes start with a 6 qt. Sterilite container for starter cultures, with an upgrade to a 37 qt. Sterilite gasket box for larger colonies. Maintain temperatures between 60-85°F and humidity levels at 60-80%, achieved through regular misting. At the time of sale, these isopods measure at least 1/4 inch and can live up to 2-3 years with proper care. Males can be identified by a penile papillae and angular pleopod segments, while females have more square segments. Cubaris murina ‘Papaya’ exhibit a striking bright orangey-pink coloration with occasional white skirting and readily breed in well-maintained setups. Native or introduced across various regions, these isopods add color and activity to any habitat.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A mid-sized isopod that reproduces rather slowly.
  • It is recommended to get them established before introducing a larger creature that may make an easy snack of them

Cubaris Murina Sp. "Papaya"

Expected by 2025
  • Our Cubaris cultures come in our own bioactive substrate in 8oz deli cups. We provide them with leaf litter and plenty of calcium to ensure their needs are met. Our cultures come in quantities of 12. These guys require a moisture gradient to succeed in molting and thermoregulation. We provide opposite corners of wet and dry sphagnum moss as well as lots of ventilation to achieve this.

  • Guaranteed live arrival - 1 day shipping 


    If DOA - A new Culture will be sent out, providing you include photo evidence of the deceased.


    No Refunds or Returns


    Shipping can be provided to Canadian Residents only ! 


    Thanks for your understanding!

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