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Specifically designed to be used in humid environments such as poison dart frog terrariums. Each bag contains finely ground tree fern fiber, milled long fiber sphagnum moss, milled sphagnum peat moss, fine charcoal, fine fir bark, leaf litter, and Bio Revitilzer. Each bag is made individually guaranteeing the correct ratios. This precise combination allows for excellent moisture retention and superb drainage leading to a substrate that will not easily become compacted or anaerobic in terrarium conditions.


History of AGB Mixes:

Sphagnum Moss – 1 part, Tree Fern Fiber – 2 parts, Orchid Bark – 2 parts, Peat Moss – 1 part, and Charcoal – 1 part. The ABG mix stands out for its ability to support plant growth and maintain a thriving terrarium ecosystem. It combines these components effectively to ensure excellent drainage, essential for aerating plant roots and preventing waterlogging in enclosed environments. Furthermore, its capacity for retaining moisture supports water-loving plants and helps sustain the required humidity levels for a tropical atmosphere. The mix's nutrient retention capability, despite peat moss's minimal nutrient contribution, enhances long-term plant health by preserving essential elements. Its fibrous structure also resists compaction over time, ensuring continued substrate aeration. Known for its durability, the ABG mix remains effective for extended periods, making it a preferred choice among enthusiasts for sustaining healthy terrarium environments.

Bioactive AGB Soil

PriceFrom C$25.00
  • Packaged in 4QT and 8QT bags

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