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Specifically designed to be used with inverts such as isopods or millipedes. Each bag is made individually guaranteeing the correct ratios. Isopod substrate composition is crucial, especially regarding moisture retention, which directly impacts these terrestrial crustaceans' hydration and humidity levels in their enclosure. Different isopod species have varying moisture requirements; some prefer high humidity (like Dairy Cow Isopods), necessitating more moisture-retentive materials throughout. Conversely, species such as Giant Spanish Isopods require a gradient from wet to dry areas. The substrate must also remain light and airy to prevent compaction, ensuring proper aeration for burrowing and soil health. Nutritious substrates, incorporating materials like Sphagnum Moss for moisture balance and Peat Moss or Vermicast for nutrients, are vital. These components provide a sustainable environment, supporting natural behaviors and dietary needs in isopods.

Bioactive Isopod Soil 4QT, 8QT

PriceFrom C$30.00
  • Packaged in 4QT and 8QT bags

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