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The "yellow" morph of Armadillidium maculatum is a genetic variation that alters the typical white banding to a yellow hue. Originally imported from Europe, this variant maintains its yellow coloration throughout its lifespan, unlike the American strain which fades over time.

Armadillidium maculatum, commonly known as the zebra isopod due to its distinctive black and white striped appearance, is a captivating species native to France. It exhibits a remarkable range of patterns in captive cultures, varying from nearly white to almost black.  This Isopod genus breeds consistently throughout the year and is noted for its bold behavior, making it an excellent choice for display purposes. Maculatum thrives in temperate to semi-arid climates but may encounter molting challenges in tropical environments. They prefer feeding on soft-bodied plants.


Armadillidium maculatum Isopods are a hardy species of isopod and produce quickly once established. This species of Isopod rolls up and is sometimes refered to as a "roly-poly" bug. These Isopods are large, active, and have a neat white and black striped pattern. They are always busy and looking for food. Females will dig a hole in the sand where she and her nymphs have a safe place. They are group animals and like to be close to one another and sit under a stone or a piece of cork. They are a larger, relatively slow reproducing isopod making them a great choice for a vivarium display!

Armadillidium Maculatum " Yellow Zebra"

Expected by the end of Fall
  • Our Armadillidium cultures come in our own bioactive substrate in 8oz deli cups. We provide them with leaf litter and plenty of calcium to ensure their needs are met. Our cultures come in quantities of 12. These guys require a moisture gradient to succeed in molting and thermoregulation. We provide opposite corners of wet and dry sphagnum moss as well as lots of ventilation to achieve this.

  • Guaranteed live arrival - 1 day shipping 


    If DOA - A new Culture will be sent out, providing you include photo evidence of the deceased.


    No Refunds or Returns


    Shipping can be provided to Canadian Residents only ! 


    Thanks for your understanding!

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