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Armadillidium granulatum isopods make a great clean up crew as well as an Isopoda pet! they are one of the larger species in the Armadillidium genus. These isopods are native to Spain, and prefer good amount of ventilation and air space, and low humidity. This species of isopods have bright yellow colorations and patterns, which will get brighter as they age. Adults can reach just under 1 inch in length! They have medium size broods and are quite prolific once established.

Armadillidium Granulatum

SKU: Granulatum
Expected Summer 2024
  • Our Armadillidium cultures come in our own bioactive substrate in 8oz deli cups. We provide them with leaf litter and plenty of calcium to ensure their needs are met. Our cultures come in quantities of 12. These guys require a moisture gradient to succeed in molting and thermoregulation. We provide opposite corners of wet and dry sphagnum moss as well as lots of ventilation to achieve this.

  • Guaranteed live arrival - 1 day shipping 


    If DOA - A new Culture will be sent out, providing you include photo evidence of the deceased.


    No Refunds or Returns


    Shipping can be provided to Canadian Residents only ! 


    Thanks for your understanding!

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